Laser Acupuncture Works!

“ A heavy smoker for over 10 years,
I had tried everything from Zyban to
Hypnotherapy to give up but to no avail.
The laser treatment, however, strengthened
my resolve by seemingly eliminating the
desire to smoke. The process is simple yet
effective, in fact a godsend. Thank you
LaserQuit, I am forever in your debt and
would recommend laser acupuncture to
anyone committed to stop smoking”.

Steve. M











Thank You LaserQuit

“I was a ‘social’ smoker who just couldn’t resist having a cigarette with a drink after work or at a party. I hated myself for not having the will power to stop but your laser technology made all the difference.

Painless, simple and effective I have been a non smoker for three months and can now join the girls for a drink without the urge to light up

Thanks for helping me feel good about myself”.

Michelle. J








“ I have been smoking an average
30 cigarettes a day for the last 48 years, having started at the tender age of 14.

Over the years I have tried every known product to Quit including hypnotism, but all failed. When I heard about this new laser treatment I was obviously skeptical but went ahead with the treatment and to my surprise after only the first treatment I went through minimal withdrawal
and cravings so that with a little willpower I found it easy to resist temptation.

Even in a room full of smokers whilst playing cards I was not tempted to have a cigarette.

Having completed my treatment I am now confident I have beaten the habit thanks to LaserQuit.
I strongly recommend the LaserQuit treatment”.

Michael. M